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• Dateline: Green Bay, Wis., Friday, July 12th

We are collectors of older Green Bay Packers football memorabilia, and brewery items from the defunct Rahr (Rahr's), Hochgreve, Hagemeister, and O. Van Dycke beer factories of Green Bay, Wisconsin USA.

We developed GreenBayAntiques.com to hone our programming and writing skills while providing collectors a lucre free price guide to determine solid ballpark values for their Green Bay Packer memorabilia. We hope to educate the non-collector owner of older Packer items on current item values. We try hard to know our onions. We're on the level, with no piffle or hooey.

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Please subscribe for a newsletter/Gallery access if you are interested in older Packers history and memorabilia, and/or the long gone Rahr (Rahr's), Hochgreve, Hagemeister, and O. Van Dycke breweries of Green Bay, WI. Both newsletters are free, low volume, homemade, and to the point.

Only subscribers will have access to our Archive Gallery. The Archive, albeit light and simple, is now open for viewing. We will add weight and bulk to the archive over the coming decades. Come join the team!

Verne Lewellen - Green Bay Packers What is a Dope Sheet? What is a Green Bay Packers Bulletin? What is my Arnie Herber signed 3x5 card worth? Who was Don Hutson, aka the pipe smoking bowling alley proprietor from Pine Bluff, AK? Find out by simply clicking the links on the navigation menu to the northeast.

Johnny Blood McNally of Green Bay PackersWe are looking to purchase older Green Bay Packer items, including Curly Lambeau, Vince Lombardi, Johnny Blood McNally, Arnie Herber, and Don Hutson items, and older game programs, autographs, game used equipment and oddball items. Please see our complete shopping (wish) list.

We are also searching for Packers football ticket related items from 1920 to 1950. These items would include game ticket stubs, unused full tickets, ticket applications and renewal forms, Packer letters regarding tickets, window displays/broadsides, ticket books and envelopes. Anything football ticket related!!

We welcome comments and suggestions on this website. Mr. Curly Lambeau pointed us in the right direction, while Mr. Vince Lombardi trained us well upon our arrival ...

Thanks!  Gracias!  Merci!  Danke!  Arigato!
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A Trio of Green Bay Packer greats

Earl Louis Lambeau
Curly Lambeau
Born April 9, 1898 in Green Bay, WI
Founder, player, head coach
Charter member of Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963
First to use forward pass as integral part of offense
Career Packers coaching record of 212-106-21
Vincent Thomas Lombardi
Vince Lombardi
Born June 11, 1913 in Brooklyn, NY
Head coach and GM 1959 to 1967, GM 1968
Elected into Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971
NFL Champs in 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966 and 1967
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Bryan Bartlett Starr
Bart Starr
Born January 9, 1934 in Montgomery, AL
Player 1956 to 1971, head coach 1975 - 1983
Elected into Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1977
NFL Champs in 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966 and 1967
MVP of Super Bowl I and II
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